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About Borugo

Borugo is one of the best tour operators in the Amazon.

It is based in Leticia, in the Triple Frontier Zone, the border between Colombia, Brazil and Peru, the Trapecio Amazónico.

Our objective is to offer the best chance to taste the flavor of, see the beauty of and hear the secrets of the Amazon jungle from an educational and adventurous perspective.

What Borugo offers

Borugo offers the traveller a safe opportunity to meet local communities and experience nature in the Amazon, and understanding the interesting balanced relationship between the two.

Travelling along the rivers, visiting interesting places, swimming, camping, canoeing, bird watching or learning bush craft. This and much more, is what you can do during your visit.

About the Amazon

The river
The Amazon River has a length of approximately 6,800 km and flows through the biggest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, and through three countries.

Downstream, the river becomes navigable in Iquitos (Peru), just after the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañon rivers, and flows 116 km through Colombia.

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