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What Borugo offers

Borugo offers the traveller a safe opportunity to experience nature in the Amazon, meeting local communities and understanding the interesting, balanced relationship between the two. Examples of these are illustrated by the fact that the Indigenous people don’t hunt the Amazon Dolphins and that the human to nature fine balance is maintained by their choice of living in small groups and sustaining only small crops.

This can be experienced in different ways:

Basic itineraries

Choose one of our Basic itineraries which will include different destinations and activities.

Tailor made plans

Borugo offers Tailor made plans designed to satisfy your dreams, your schedule, your budget and your interests, including plans addressed to travellers with scientific interests. Just tell us what you would like to do and how many of you are coming and we will endeavour to provide a plan for you that you will find difficult to turn it down.

Best locations and activities

Travelling by motor boat along the rivers Amazon, Javarí, Amacayacu, Loretoyacu and their tributaries you will be able to visit interesting places such as Puerto Nariño, Atalaia do Norte, the Amacayacu Natural Park, the riverside Ticuna, Yagua and Cocama Indigenous communities. Going inland along ‘Kilómetros’ road, you will visit the Macuna or Huitoto Indigenous ‘malocas’ (meeting place of the Indigenous communities) or go swimming, canopying, canoeing at day or night, bird watching, learning bush craft or learning about ethnology or botany.

This and much more, is what you can do during your visit to the Amazon with Borugo


Depending on the traveller’s desires and interest, Borugo appoints the appropriate guide. All guides are well skilled and instructed to be in the jungle with travellers. Some of them are native hunters to whom is easy to identify any potential risk at a long distance. English and other languages speaking guides are available. For the specialized tours a specialist person on the theme will join the group.

Accommodation, meals and transportation

The best boats

Borugo offers accommodation in the best Hotels in towns and the best Jungle Hotels of the area. They offer delicious meals and very good service.

Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian dishes are served in the best restaurants and traditional Indigenous food is found in the Indigenous ‘malocas' or communities.

Borugo uses safe and comfortable means of transportation. The use of express boats makes it possible to visit a wider area and to be flexible at any time.

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