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Preparation and equipment


  • A light backpack and a daypack are enough. The daypack should be enough to carry what you need for walks and outings.


  • Bring your personal medicines; have in mind antiallergic and antifungal drugs.
  • Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory. In Colombia and many other countries it is applied at airports and it should be done at least 10 days before the trip.
  • Malaria prophylaxis should be prescribed by a Medical Doctor; some prophylaxis schemes must be taken at least 6 weeks prior to entering a malaria zone. If not taken properly it may increase the risk of resistance by the parasite.
  • Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A vaccines are also recommended.
  • Bring your own environmentally friendly insect repellent. A popular recipe for repellent consists of a mixture of alcohol, Nopikex soap (sold in Colombia) and camphor; you may add tobacco, mint and skin oil. Wash your clothes with piretroids (Permethrine), if possible.
  • To avoid sun burns bring sun cream (at least SPF 15). Consider that Tetracycline may increase sensitivity to sunlight.


  • It is recommended that you wear light, casual clothes. It is desirable that your clothes may dry quickly (jeans take too long to dry). Light-colored clothing reflects heat and sunlight and help to avoid insects.
  • A pair of waterproof boots with grippy soles. You can buy them here up to size 41.
  • A pair of comfortable closed shoes.
  • Long and short sleeve shirts, t-shirts and pants.
  • Sweater or pullover.
  • Waterproof hat.
  • Poncho or lightweight waterproof jacket.
  • Bathing suit, water shoes, beach wrap.


  • Bring a good torch, spare batteries and bulb.
  • Canteen / Water bottle.
  • Bring your camera and some spare batteries (the humidity has a way of draining them quicker than usual). Pack your equipment properly. Try using silica gel and zipper-lock bags to keep your equipment dry.
  • There are Type A American/Japanese plugs with two flat parallel pins, or Type B with an additional round ground pin. If your camera or cell phone use another kind of plug, bring the proper adaptor.
  • Different sizes of zipper-lock bags; they help to protect equipment and documents from water and humidity or to separate damp from dry clothes. These bags are also useful for packing rubbish during the journeys.
  • Depending on the plan: A hammock, a mosquito net, a travel towel.


  • According to your plan and nationality, you must carry a passport, valid for at least six further months.
  • International certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory.
  • Colombian citizens do not require a visa to enter Brazil or Peru. Under aged travelling to Brazil without their parents must have two permissions signed by both parents, copies of birth civil registry and biological parents’ identifications. These documents must be authenticated before a notary.
  • Citizens of other countries must consult either the appropriate embassies or travel agencies of their choice for advice on visas.
  • Keep your documents safe. Carry photocopies of your passport, debit or credit cards, travel insurance and other important documents, and keep them apart from the originals.


  • Bring sufficient pocket money in small denomination in Colombian pesos (COP), US dollars (USD) or Brazilian reais (BRL). There are cash machines in Leticia. They accept Visa credit cards and many of the global networks debit cards. There are also bureaux de change.
  • If you bring dollars, make sure you get bank notes in very good condition; otherwise they will be rejected in the money exchange offices.


  • A comprehensive insurance cover for loss, robbery, illness and accident is recommended.

Avoid taking to the trip

  • Unnecessary fragile objects and valuables.
  • Harmful elements to biodiversity such as aerosols or non-recyclable containers.
  • Pets.

At the end of the trip

  • At the end of your trip to the jungle parts of your clothing may become useless to you but it may represent nice presents for the people you meet along the way.

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