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From Colombia: Daily flights from Bogotá to Leticia (BOG-LET) with LAN Colombia ( (Airbus 320 or Boeing 737/700, 140-160 pax) and Avianca ( (Airbus318, 100 pax). The flight will take 2 hours and has a length of approximately 1,094 Km.
Satena ( flies on Saturdays from Florencia, Caquetá, to Leticia with several stops: FLA-SVI-ACR-LCR-LET (Harbin Y-12, 17 pax).

From Brazil: From Manaus, one can take a fast boat twice a week to Tabatinga, next to Leticia. This trip will take about 36 hours and has a length of approximately 1,600 Km. Slow boats take 6 days, and they leave Manaus four times a week.
There are daily flights with Azul/Trip ( (Embraer 195, 106 pax) from Manaus to Tabatinga (MAO-TBT). The flight will take 2 hours and has a length of approximately 1,100 Km.

From Peru: From Iquitos, it is possible to come by a fast boat six days a week to Santa Rosa, in front of Leticia on the other side of the Amazon River. Approximately, this trip will take about 10 hours and has a length of 490 Km. A slow boat takes about 3 days, and leaves Iquitos at least once a week.

From Ecuador - Via Peru: There is a road and there are daily flights from Quito to Puerto Coca (UIO-OCC) ( (Dornier 328, 32 pax). From there to Rocafuerte there are slow boats by the Napo River. Crossing the border is Pantoja, from where slow boats depart to Iquitos. This travel can take 9 days and has a length of approximately 1,500 Km.

Borugo advises the traveller to verify this information, it can be subject to changes.

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