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About the Amazon

The Amazon River and basin

The Amazon River has a length of approximately 6,800 kilometers and flows through the biggest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, and through three countries. Downstream the river becomes navigable in Iquitos (Peru), just after the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañón rivers where it takes its name. From Leticia upstream the river flows 116 kilometers through Colombia between the Atacuari River and the San Antonio Creek. The river is called the Amazon, except between Tabatinga and Manaus (both Brazil), where it is called Solimões.

Trapecio Amazonico Map
Painted by Juan Bastos,
professional guide in Leticia

The Amazon basin covers nine countries and measures approximately 7 million square kilometers. It holds 20% of the fresh water of the world and is home to 30% of all living animals and plants of the planet. It contributes, through its more than 300 kilometers wide mouth, with more than 200,000 m3/sec of fresh water to the sea and its fresh waters may be found 200 kilometers offshore.

The Triple Frontier Zone or Amazonian Trapezium

The term ‘Amazonian Trapezium’, which originally applied to the shape of the Colombian frontier with Peru and Brazil over the Amazon River, is today used more widely to refer to the area of 200 kilometers of tourist trails along the Amazon and Javari Rivers which encompasses places of great interest and natural beauty.

Leticia is a Colombian town at the river side and its Brazilian neighbour town Tabatinga is separated from it by the frontier line. The Peruvian village of Santa Rosa is situated opposite to Leticia and Tabatinga, across the river, on the southern bank. Leticia is a quiet town with an airport, a river harbour, a hospital, several clinics, banks, money exchange facilities, cash machines, post offices, and internet cafés. Leticia is connected with the national and international mobile telephone networks. Medical services such as Sanitas may also be found.

Grey dolphin (Photo Carlos Mario Lema)

Puerto Nariño is a Colombian town at the Loretoyacu riverside, 85 kilometers away from Leticia. This river is a tributary of the Amazon River. Puerto Nariño is known as "The Nativity Scene of the Amazon" and is acknowledged for its ecolological approach; any form of petrol propelled vehicle is forbidden in town and they pride themselves on their rubbish disposal. There is a hospital, an internet café and is connected to the mobile network both local and long distances.

The Brazilian towns of Tabatinga, Benjamin Constant and Atalaia do Norte also provide the visitor with sufficient infrastructure for a pleasant visit.

The Amazonian Trapezium is a safe place. The fauna of the zone is not as dangerous as it is otherwise generally believed: piranhas prefer fruit and cold meat; the most lethal snake of the subcontinent can not be found in the area and the numbers of mosquitoes are not greater than anywhere else in the tropics.

Leticia in figures
Population: 40,000 inhabitants approx.
Distance between Leticia and Bogota by plane: about 1,094 Km.
Distance between Leticia and the Atlantic Sea by the river: about 3,300 Km.
Time: UTC - 5 (GMT - 5)
Altitude: 96 meters above sea level
Longitude: 69° 95’ West
Latitude: 4° 16’ South
Highest temperature in the shade: 35°C - 95°F
Lowest temperature in the shade: 20°C - 68°F
Average temperature: 26°C - 79°F
Lower temperatures ("Friajes") can occasionally occur between May and August for 2 to 3 days; the temperature may drop further down to 14°C - 57°F. In August and September there may be strong winds called "The Santa Rosa Winds".
Maximum rainfall per year: 3,400 mm3
Relative humidity: 92% approx.
Rainy season: January to May
Dry season: June to September
Decreasing water levels: June to September
Increasing water levels: October to May
The difference between water levels can be up to 12 meters
Electric power in Colombia and Brazil is 110 volts/60 Hz; in Peru 220 volts/60 Hz. Type A American/Japanese plugs with two flat parallel pins, or Type B with an additional round ground pin. Electricity may not be available in some places.

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